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Moving Abroad – Confronting your New Culture with the Right Mindset

Moving to another country isn’t merely shipping logistics, paperwork and packing. When you adopt another country as your home, you also adopt the culture, traditions and general way of life. This can be both one of the hardest and one of the most exciting aspects of relocation. (more…)

Venezuela – Values and Attitudes

Though the average Venezuelan adheres to traditional Western values and attitudes in general, they can by no means be classified as conservative or boring. (more…)

Georgia – Values and Attitudes

Georgia and her people are a nation scarred and shaped by a long history of conquests and dominance from not only their European and Asian neighbours but also by domestic struggles.  Neither European, nor Asian, the Georgians are a testament to a people who despite being persecuted and terrorised for thousands of years remain proudly defiant and protective over their culture, language and religion.  (more…)

A Snapshot of Serbian Life

Serbia has a fascinating and rich culture – the result of a long and varied history involving various influential occupations. A warm and welcoming people, a visit to this intriguing part of the world is a memorable one. (more…)

Business Peruvian Style

Home to rich, fascinating cultures, long-standing traditions and warm, sociable people, Peru is a country that embraces the personal touch when doing business.

Personal relationships are key to successful business interactions in Peru. Of course, there is always a degree of formality, but less so than most western countries.

Business Meetings

Meetings happen in person. You won’t get very far doing business with Peruvians over the phone or emails alone. Initial meetings will be the most formal you will experience in Peru, until you establish a closer, friendlier, relationship with your colleagues. After this, the meetings will become more relaxed and informal. Often, you will find that meetings don’t have official agendas or even a chairperson, but rather the attendees verbally create one at the start of the meeting.


Life in Costa Rica

Despite being located in a part of the world where political and social unrest often surrounds it, Costa Rica is a country boasting an extremely pleasant way of life, often based on solid family values.

Costa Ricans (‘Ticos’) by and large, are an open-minded and liberal people, willing to consider alternative views or stances, but at the same time, willing to speak out about what they believe in. (more…)

India – Class, Caste and Hierarchy

India is a vibrant and fascinating country and one that frequently pushes foreigners far outside of their comfort zone.

One of the aspects of Indian life that many foreigners find hard to get used to is the prevalence of hierarchy that affects every part of life in this intriguing country. Of course, India is not unique in using hierarchy to assign values and order, but for an outsider, the way it is done can result in a real culture shock. (more…)

What makes the English, English?

England is an incredibly diverse place with influences from almost every part of the globe. As a result, it can be difficult to find out ‘What makes the English, English?’. In order to be able to tackle this question, one has to look into the values, attitudes and attributes of the diverse people who make up England today. (more…)

Socialising in the Ukraine

Ukrainians are extremely sociable people, taking a lot of pride in making the most of any social occasion they put on. As a guest, you can be assured of a warm welcome, plenty of good food and long, meaningful conversation.


Communicating in the Japanese Business world

The fascinating Japanese language is recognised globally as an important modern language. Certainly, Japanese is a difficult language for a Westerner to learn but unlike other languages, Japanese has distinct non-verbal elements that also need to be taken into account.  (more…)