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1. Japanese Retail Chain moves into the UK

CultureSmartConsulting advises and trains top/middle management of a Japanese overseas clothing-store chain in British retail culture. By understanding the behaviour of UK shoppers, the company is able to effectively adapt store design, product stock, and their approach to internal training to successfully meet the needs of their new target market.

2. Multinational opens Call Centres in India

A European multinational achieves and maintains maximum customer satisfaction in their new Indian call centres via our unique holistic approach to cultural training and resources. By creating the appropriate physical and emotional environment reflecting the call centres’ target cultures (including empathy and voice training), the client’s staff feel more confident and less self-conscious, enabling their natural empathetic skills to emerge, resulting in genuine and efficient communication with the customers.

3. Cross-Border Merger hits Cultural Snags

A large UK multinational acquires a small, niche family-run business in California. Management techniques vary greatly and are resisted by the acquired company. CSC’s programmes bring both sides together to understand the context of each other’s behavioural styles, enabling them to jointly negotiate how best to utilise the strengths of both approaches, thereby enhancing the progress of the entire team.

4. Sensitising Workforce to Inter-Cultural Awareness

Although time and budget may restrain training options, this French cosmetics company interacting globally with a wide variety of cultures requires all its staff to recognise the importance of cross-cultural awareness as an essential management skill, resulting in more productive multi-cultural team-working.

CSC runs a series of ‘Lunchtime Learning’ sessions, consisting of 3-hour working lunches, where all participants benefit from an experiential awareness of moving from a mono-cultural to a multi-cultural mindset and the beneficial effect this has on their internal and external working relationships… all at c.$50 per head!

5. Major Financial Institution moves into Eastern Europe

The emerging economies of Eastern Europe are complex and diverse, earning it the nickname ‘the new Wild West’! Our programme for this client equips their managers with a wider understanding of the context for the attitudes and values of their target markets and how they impact differently on each culture’s respective history, geography, economy, education etc. By gaining a broader sense of these dynamics, the participants feel far more confident to deal effectively and sensitively with their Eastern European counterparts.

6. NGO help ‘Parachuting’ Staff into Crisis Zones

How can people communicate efficiently and effectively cross-culturally when one month they are in Zaire and the next in Guatemala? Our seminars for this globally renowned and respected charity deliver a simple and powerful way to ‘hit the ground running’ in any diverse cultural environment, encouraging and maintaining cooperative and harmonious relationships from the word go.

7. IT & Sales Departments just don’t see Eye-to-Eye!

This well-known credit card client’s sales-force want to head out and close deals, yet the IT support system’s not yet in place hold them up. Familiar scenario? Even company departments have their own distinct ‘cultures’, approaching joint company goals from different points of view. Our programme enables teams from disparate divisions to understand and appreciate each other’s diverse priorities, then navigate their own individual goals through them without becoming frustrated by their colleagues’ behaviour.

8. Police Force focus on Diversity within Community

Our brief was to make police officers more culturally sensitive and aware of the diversity within the communities they police. Our first consideration was that the seminars include representatives from their region’s diverse ethnic and societal cultures as well as the police officers themselves. The programme thereby achieved the original brief from both perspectives, cultural & poice. From this standpoint, a greater sense of cooperation and trust alongside deeper mutual understanding led to a healthier, cooperative overall environment.

Many additional corporate & public sector organisations benefit daily from our extensive range of guides, with over 2 million books sold worldwide.

‘I got a very good overview of British culture,
behaviour and values, especially [comapred] to German culture.
and how to cope with them.’Kimbery Clark, Living & Working in the UK