The challenges of international employee relocation

There has been a significant increase in long term and permanent business projects taking place overseas, with this, comes the increase in organisations asking employees to relocate.

International employee relocation comes with many potential challenges and employers are now realising the importance of preparation when ensuring a successful international relocation for their staff.

Changing job roles or starting a new project can be daunting at the best of times, but moving to a new country and immersing yourself within an unfamiliar culture, all whilst potentially settling a family in new surroundings too, can be extremely difficult.

Employers are now recognising that a positive family relocation is the most significant aspect in the success of an international business project.  The most common cause of a failed international relocation is the employee’s family’s inability to adjust to their new culture and location.

Employees who relocate with their family are more likely to succeed in their new international role, as they can be more focused and settled in their new environment knowing they have their loved ones close by. Employees, who relocate alone, leaving a family behind, are more likely to take increased trips back to their home country and be less focused on their new business life.

Failed international employee relocation can be extremely costly to organisations in both time and money, sending employees and their families abroad can present a huge risk if they are unsuccessful in adjusting to their new cultural surroundings, reinforcing the need for preparation.

A popular strategy which many organisations are now adopting to tackle this risk is to provide employees and their families with cross-cultural training seminars before they leave to start their new life abroad.

These expertly designed seminar programs cover subjects such as, the business environment, the social environment and how to deal with culture shock. They also help families explore a twelve step program, put together to help settle them into their new culture and environment.

Organisations that provide these types of face to face seminars show the relocating employee and family that they are supported and cared about. This support, coupled with the vital cultural and adjustment knowledge they receive, can help improve the success of international employee relocations and save organisations valuable time and money in the future.

2 thoughts on “The challenges of international employee relocation

  1. I guess it’s so important be be informed once you have to settle in new surroundings. A cultural training and trying to learn a new language are of really big importance. A good relocation company will help you make the right steps, too.

    • Hi Karin,

      Thanks for the comment! It’s true, a good relocation company can definitely take some of the headache away!

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