1. Can I cope with moving abroad?

Yes, we help you and your family develop an international mind set and give you practical adaptation tools you can apply anywhere.

2. Everybody speaks English. Is there a problem?

Yes! Just because your team speaks English doesn’t mean they think English. We teach you how values, attitudes and behaviors differ and how to adapt to them.

3. We all have the same management skills don’t we?

Maybe, but the problem is that the way management skills are applied differs. Cross-cultural training gives you the competency you need to manage your team or clients with sensitivity.

4. Can’t I get it from books or the internet?

Some of it, yes, and we provide you with the appropriate Culture Smart! guides. What you can’t get is the face-to-face discussion which helps identify where you may have difficulties and aims to remove the anxiety of moving or dealing with a team from another culture.

5. Isn’t it just about how they shake hands or bow?

Etiquette is important, but understanding why it’s important and learning how to adapt your own personal style to that of the community you’re in is what really matters. These are the things that will create better business relationships and provide you with a more fulfilled social life.

6. How do I find seminar information?

Register with us and we will send you a free business briefing of your choice. Look at our seminars list and select a seminar area that interests you

Contact us +44 (0)20 8446 2440 and we will arrange to send you a detailed seminar proposal.

If you like what you see, we will liaise with you for seminar delivery.

‘….covered everything I wanted… and a lot more that hadn’t thought of.

HSBC, International Managers Course