Future To Be (FTB) – a revoluntionary profiling tool

FutureToBe (FTB) brings to the market a revolutionary profiling instrument, which represents the most significant development in business management tools this century.

Using SPM, companies can radically improve the cohesion and efficiency of people and cultural dynamics, through the analysis of corporate cultures, national and international teams, departments or divisions and a better understanding of the deeply rooted motivations, styles, personalities and behaviours of individuals.

Many business leaders recognize the need to address these issues. For the first time, an integrated model is now available: the Spony Profiling Model.

From award winning academic paper to full ASP solution, FTB has developed
Web based facilities making this automated, fully scalable, resilient,
efficient and secure model available worldwide.

Operating entirely through partners, both group and independent, FTB provides on-line profiles, full website facilities, training accreditation in delivering SPM feedback, and support for all partners through the FTB Partnership Network. Together with a small core team of SPM qualified consultants, FTB is dedicated to bringing added value to partners’ client programmes with the SPM.

FTB has chosen to work in partnership with CultureSmartConsulting (CSC) because of their successful operation in the cross-cultural market. The services CSC provide compliment the SPM tool in its various applications. · CSC consultants can use the SPM as part of the preparation they provide to business executives embarking on overseas assignments. Given the insight that SPM delivers, the “culture shock” can be reduced and managed more effectively when the individual is aware of his or her own motivations and preferences. CSC consultants enable such executives to consciously adapt to the given cultural context.

Contact: jenny.avon@futuretobe.net