International call-centre cross- cultural sensitivity training

One to two day seminars dealing with the following:

  • Helping call handlers become more comfortable and therefore more confident in dealing with their target markets.
  • Helping call handlers with the pragmatic aspects of communication – i.e. developing good conversation lubricating strategies to ensure comfortable conversations, clarification and checking strategies to ensure that they have understood clearly the intent of the communication and repair strategies to ensure that confidence in the communication is maintained with their target cultures.
  • Helping call handlers with the socio-linguistic aspects of communication by identifying and responding to cultural clues.
  • Helping call handlers develop interpersonal skills on the phone to allow them to deal with calls with greater cultural sensitivity.
  • Helping call handlers identify discourse markers indicating the social style and mood of the caller and to be able to respond appropriately, to handle impatience, irritation or offence and to accord the correct style of formality and respect.
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