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CACTUS LANGUAGE TRAINING- CultureSmart!Consulting is delighted to announce a new partnership with Cactus Language Training. Together we will offer a new course integrating language and cultural training. Language is an expression of culture and vice versa. We have created a course which reflects the inherent synergy between the two fields and brings them together with coherence and clarity.
Cactus and CultureSmart!Consulting both share common approaches to training – participative, informative, and directly applicable to the world outside the training room. Between us we have many years of experience working on a global platform, delivering programmes to individuals, SMEs and blue-chip corporations. Cactus designs and delivers language training programmes – 1:1, group, in-company, online, full immersion. By combining this with CultureSmart!Consulting’s unique experiential training approach to becoming multi-cultural, such a pooling of knowledge, skills and experience offers companies powerful synergies, a challenging and stimulating training experience, and great value programmes.Find out more in our ‘partners’ section.

UK TRADE AND INVESTMENT- Due to the success of our previous seminars on working with the BRIC countries, two more seminars have now been added:

Thursday 5th March: Working with Poland
Wednesday 11th March: Working with Spain

For more information or to register, please visit the UK Trade and Investment website: or contact CultureSmart!Consulting.

BUSINESS SCHOOL MODULES –We deliver our accredited Cultural Intelligence (CI) modules to a number of business schools around the world in response to the disappointment of many multi-nationals, to the increasing lack of ‘people skills’ of many business school graduates. It is important to remember that all of the so-called BRIC economies are relationship-oriented cultures. If we cannot comfortably relate to such cultures, how will we succeed in joint ventures?

Contact us regarding our tailor made modules, and how we can work together to add value to your present business course portfolio.

THE COST OF CULTURAL DIFFERENCE- Robert Diamond, president of Barclays Capital, has found out the hard way that ignoring corporate cultural differences can harm your business. Just eight weeks after the acquisition of Lehman Brothers’ US business much of the senior talent has left. Mr. Diamond’s famous ‘knee-jerk’ approach of weeding out non-team players did not sit well with those he wished most to keep: “That approach is a style that is anathema to many of Lehman’s senior bankers who Mr. Diamond wants to retain, as well as the European bankers he’d like to attract”. Mr. Diamond should have remembered that “M&A and other parts of investment banking tend to be personality and relationship driven (..)” (Financial Times)